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Tours and Property Booking
JomHoliday - Joomla Booking

The ultimate booking and property rental extension for Joomla!

The Ultimate Property Rental Extension for Joomla!

Creating a Holiday or Booking Joomla Site is now quicker and easier than ever. Make Tours, Rent Properties online.

Joomla booking

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Responsive and mobile design ensures scalability! With the responsive design capabilities of JomDirectory, your website design automatically adapts to different screen sizes and easily translates to a mobile platform from the desktop version.


Nested Categories & Address

Easily create unlimited levels of categories and sub-categories. Add each categroy image and description.
Create any structure of addresses. Much more detailed information with specific structure such as Country, Cities, Counties, Postal codes and more.

Custom fields - Customize it!

With JomDirectory, the data structure changes to meet your needs, not the other way around. The flexibility of JomDirectory's script data structure is made possible by its support of custom fields. Through these custom fields, you are free to create any type of content. You have a variety of input options including inputs, dropdown boxes, text, checkbox, link, tabs, and much more!

Custom Tabs - Create tabs for custom content with WYSIWYG editor support.

Paid custom fields - Enable paid custom fields based on the Membership plans.

Manage Tours
and Holiday Properties

Create travel and tours or rent holiday properties with ease.

Online Booking

Give your site the features of the big league sites with Online Booking! Advanced booking calendar means that the users are free to preplan their holidays easily. Price is automatically calculated based on resource price. Set minimum stay period, additional price information based on custom fields and more! Hassle free booking statuses inform users about the resource's current booking status.

Multiple Resources

JomHoliday enables you to add unlimited resources, each with their own price and availability. Adding custom resources, each with their own custom fields and gallery, has never been easier. Adding seasonal, or other promotional, discount offers is now as easy as 1,2,3.

Booking Add-ons

Level the playing field with your larger competitors. Offer custom booking upgrades such as room cleaning, airport transportation, equipment rentals, and more. Each upgrade is configured separately, and the booking's price is automatically adjusted when the upgrades are selected during the booking process. What you can offer is only limited by your imagination.

Tours Support

Add multiple tours with fixed dates and prices. With JomHoliday, tours can be chosen in a calendar or set by fixed dates.

Registration Integrated

Built-in registration gives users flexibility to register and provide details when filling in booking details.

Email Confirmations

A confirmation email is sent after each step of the booking process. These email templates are fully customizable from the templates' backend.

Advanced Properties & Tours Booking

Your website visitors can check availability of property (like apartment, house, hotel room, etc.) or any service you offer and make a booking in a minute for a full day(s) or specific time range.


Properties Booking Calendar

Set minimum booking range for the of property (like apartment, house, hotel room) to eg. whole week, 2 days etc. Multiple same resources - same type are allowed, eg. 10 same hotel rooms that can be booked separately. Number of people and kids limit can be set.


Tours Booking Calendar

Flexible tours can be configured for specific time, same as travel agencies do eg. 14 days trip to Greece. Cruise ship for speciffic time. Single days trips are also supported with starting day (mini calendar). Useful for eg. Safari trips. Where starting day cna be picked from calendar nad booked.  

Try JomHoliday Now! Full access Back Admin & Front Admin Demo

Easy to manage, sophisticated backend and front panel

Manage all aspects of the extension with fully integrated Joomla Backend and Front User Panel.

joomla jomdirectory admin

Admin Panel

Backend Admin Panel to control all extension features, including creating categories, products, managing orders and email templates.

joomla jomdirectory front user panel

Front User Panel

Users may access to their listings, products, reviews, booking calendar / bookings etc. Message center to contact form.

User's Membership

Set up unlimited membership levels (example: free, silver, gold etc) and charge users based on levels you create. Limit number of listings, images, attachments and more! 

Trusted By Clients
and Joomla Experts Alike

Even more features

So many possibilities and configuration options!

Supported Payment Plugins

Host and User Panel

Manage properties, booking, and reviews under the host panel. Bookings and booking data can be managed under the user panel.

Logo & Video Support

Upload individual logo for each listing and give your users additional information with YouTube videos.


Unlimited attachments support with file meta information including title, type, size and more.


JomDirectory script fully supports multilingual content. All elements such as Categories, Custom Fields or Addresses can be translated into any language, with complete ease! 


Add multiple tags to each listing in the directory for powerful search results! Search integration for tags ensures your results are relevant to the queries made.

Simple, flexible pricing
Unlimited installations

Affordable plans that fit your needs



Single site support

  • 6 Months of Support & Updates
  • Unlimited Installations
  • Priority Support (1 domain)
  • 72/5 Hours Response Time



5 sites support

  • 12 Months of Support & Updates
  • Unlimited Installations
  • Priority Support (5 domains)
  • 24/7 Hours Response Time
  • Quickstart Package
  • Banners Add-on
  • Paid Modules