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Joomla Extensions That Anyone Can Use

Whether you're a novice or a web professional, Comdev's extensions are designed with you in mind. Our components are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing, making it easy for anyone to build and manage a website effortlessly.

Why choose our products?

Our products will take your website to the next level by implementing

Joomla 4 Ready!

All our extensions are Joomla 4! and Joomla 5! compatible.

SEO Friendly

Search engine friendly, social media integration.

MVC architecture

100% Joomla architecture for best compatibility.

Customizable Layouts and Fields

Multiple customizable layouts and custom fields support.

Beautiful Templates

We have prepared some fantastic templates ready to take advantage of our joomla extensions.

Membership and Payment Gateways

Earn money from customizable membership plans, advanced configuration options available.

Multilingual and RTL Support

All elements of the component are designed to be translated into multiple languages for enhanced accessibility and usability across diverse linguistic contexts.

Fully Responsive

Ensures full compatibility and seamless appearance on all devices. Achieve a superior customer experience across every platform and device with ease.

All our Joomla extensions are designed for seamless integration with your current Joomla design. No need to employ further design consultants. Best Joomla Extensions

What we offer to our customers?

Members get exclusive access to:

Awesome Support

Our expert support team is available to provide you with help with speed and ease.

Product Updates

We work hard to give you a bug free products. But if any issues are found the product is updated immediately.

Instant Download

Once purchased, you are given instant access to download your extension(s) or templates.

Smart and Secure

We know that security is important to you so we have built our extensions with a strong focus on security.

Become an affiliate and earn up to 30% from each sale!

Promote our products and EARN REWARDS! It is free to join, simple to implement and fast to make money.


Find all the answers

Check out our product documentation for quick answers to questions about extension functionality.

Support Tickets

Premium support

Submit a support ticket to get ahold of our expert support team.

Contact Us

If you have any questions

Contact us with your business inquiries and pre-sale support.

Do your Joomla extensions support multilingual websites?

Yes. Like all the best Joomla extensions, we support multilingual websites, making them utterly translatable. Installing our Joomla extensions, you’re just one click away from creating a professional, multilingual page and reaching a much larger audience.

Are your extensions responsive?

Of course! Knowing that mobile users are a significant part of your website traffic, we pay special attention to ease of use, legibility, and intuitive navigation.

Are your Joomla extensions customizable?

Yes, they are. We see our extensions as a foundation on which you can build something unique. Our products are flexible and easily customizable. We offer a variety of options, including inputs, dropdowns, text, checkboxes, links, tabs, and much more - all to meet your expectations.

What are the pricing plan options?

Our offer includes two affordable pricing plans: Pro (€149) and Business (€299). Both options differ in terms of the support duration, the number of pages supported, and the estimated response time. In addition, the business option covers some great extras, such as a quickstart package, shopping cart add-on, banners add-on, and paid modules.

Can I use your extensions on more than one website?

Yes, we offer our clients the possibility of installation on an unlimited number of sites. We also offer priority support for up to five sites, depending on the plan purchased.

Is the Joomla events extension integrated with Google Calendar?

Yes, it is. Thanks to the integration with Google Calendar, planning and sharing events on your website is a piece of cake.

Is it possible to extend your Joomla online booking system with some add-ons?

Absolutely. Since we don't want to limit your entrepreneurial imagination, you can expand your booking offer with additional services, such as equipment and transportation rental, room cleaning, and more. Each of these services is configured separately, and the final booking price includes all the extras selected by the client.

How many layouts are available in your Joomla shopping cart extension?

Joomla shopping cart extension offers two layouts perfectly tailored to the individual needs of each user.

How can I request support?

We're aware that even the best Joomla extensions aren't completely bug-free. For this reason, we offer our users access to the expert support team. However, please note that our support service is only available for registered domains after you've logged in. Since we care about our customers' satisfaction, we solve most problems within 24 hours.

Why do you think your eshop Joomla extension is so unique?

Because we believe it's an extremely versatile and flexible product. With the eshop Joomla extension, you can sell virtually any type of product. Thanks to the handy sorting and filtering options, products are easy to search and find. Besides, we support many payment methods and multilingual services. For these reasons, we're proud that our product is the best Joomla eCommerce extension on the market.