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Guest daveturner101

some questions about jomestate capabilities

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Guest daveturner101

hi, we're hoping to use jomestate for a site rebuild of a uk house builder and we have a few questions we hope someone can answer before we buy the software.


when viewing an individual property listing can some of the information tabs, such as rating and reviews, be turned off? Can the position of the tabs be changed? can we create an accordion slider and populate it with the contents of the tabs instead of having the tabs? Can we add custom tabs to the description?


is it possible to edit the urls of the property listing to something user friendly?


does anyone have experience of using this module to develop a site for a uk house builder? our client would have various developments with numerous plots to sell on each development. i'm curious to see how we might tailor jomestate to suit this brief. we would need to have pages listing the different developments and then click through to lists all properties on that development. does jomestate have some sort of categories system that would work for us?


thanks in advance.. :)

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Guest Steve Bentley


Yes in the back end lots of configuration options. I switch off the ratings tab

You can change the tabs with CSS. I have seen a russian site using jomestate with no tabs all property info on one page. There is not an option in configuration for that. If you have CSS and php skills I think anything is possible.

Not sure about the URL question. Why would you want to?


I guess you could use the categories for each project?

Jomestate has a great option to create custom Attributes that can be check boxes, drop down list it's quite flexible. I'm pretty sure you can login to the demo back end which will probably answer a lot of your questions.

Hope this helps


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