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I need newbie help

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I purchased and installed JomDirectory to replace SobiPro (Supplier Pages) on my site ASBN.ca

Now to get started to configure it.

Where do I start?

Logically, I am looking to start a new instance of JD by entering the name of new directory?

How do I open a ticket?

I tried opening a ticket but my account opens https://comdev.paytoolbox.com/account/dashboard


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Thanks you for your recent purchase.

Please check documentation link where it has been explained:


A good start is to create categories and addresses once it has been done create a first listing. Optionally configure custom fields (can be configured later).

Important: Once categories have been created you need to create menu links:

Items menu link - which is being used for search results and link each category  (can be on separate menu). Otherwise you won't be able to access listing details:


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