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SQL Query to create a USER Account for each LISTING

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I have entered approx 300 directory listings to build up the content of my directory.

They are all owned by my admin user account.


Now I would like to create a Joomla Account for each of these 300 listings, and associate each listing with a Basic JomDirectory Subscription.

Once this is done, I can begin to hand-over control of the accounts to the businesses that have been listed.


I am very familiar with SQL, but not with the Joomla DB schema, related dependencies for Joomla users, and the dependencies for JomDirectory subscriptions.



Can anyone provide me with the basic SQL for this ???


1. Create a Joomla Account for each listing ( in a specified JomDirectory Category and where the listing email is not null )

- SET Joomla Account Email = Listing.Email

- SET Joomla Account Password = Listing.Email

- SET Joomla Account Disabled = TRUE

- SET Joomla Account Type = Registered (?)


2. Create/Link a JomDirectory Basic Subscription for each Joomla Account created in step 1 above.



Thanks in advance.


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