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Checkout feature for membership upgrades

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Hi there,


to avoid law conflicts in Germany it is recommended to show clients always a summary of services and products, before they purchase something online. For that reasons It would be very helpful if you could add a checkout feature for membership upgrades of clients (back admins).


Clients (back admins) should be able to check all details in a last step with a summary:

- services and inclusions they want to buy

- price with VAT and total

- a checkbox with terms and conditions

- billing address

- choose a payment method - paypal, advanced payment, ...

- a buy button


In addition customers could receive an automatic email with an order confirmation with all above mentioned details of purchased services.


I would appreciate a back admin checkout addition for membership upgrades in the future versions of JH3. Maybe this feature could be also interesting for other users of JH3 in other countries. :-)



Kind regards

Marc Pohl

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