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Some suggestions to improve the site

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I am generally pleased with the ease of use and layout of the site even though it still pretty buggy here and there.


Here are some of the things I thought would be good to have and can be improved


Ignored if it is already implemented


1) Allow user to set the site's width or give them some options


2) The price and currency modules can be improved. Maybe all currency creation can be grouped under price creation and allow admin to set the range and type of currencies to be used.

The range of currencies should be displayed as a drop down for agents to select which currency their properties to be sold in.


If the portal list properties from different countries, then there must be a drop down for agents to select their respective currencies.

At the end of the price, it is good to allow the admin to add simple text like (nett. ono - or nearest offer, onwards or if for rental properties, per wk, per mth ) etc

these text should be dynamic and added to the end of the price quote.


3)The slideshow in the gallery need to have a pause button or ability to set the timing of the slideshow


4) The slideshow or gallery image edit element need a title?

It should be an option for the users and not made it compulsory.


Also, the main featured image selection can be a little icon where they can simply click and the image will be selected as the main image instead of manually adding number to sort the image.


5) The For SALE tag background can be red.. or at least different colour from the FOR RENT properties so that it can be singled out if a properties is for sale or rent.


6) The amenities can be grouped in rows and columns instead of lumping them together which is hard to admin to tick and visitor to read, especially if u r listing more than 10 amenities in a project.


7) membership ordering and signup should be seamless. Agent or company order the package and the new signup should automatically be assigned to the group that they signed up for.

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