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We are trying to setup search capabilities.


It seems the JomDirectory Search will only search a listing's title, not keywords like implied. This is not very helpful if the person searching doesn't know the name of the business they are looking for. For example lets say there is a company called "Suspension Gurus" that sells 'shock absorbers'. Lets say the word 'shock absorbers' is listed in the Details, Features, or the Custom tab text area of the "Suspension Gurus" listing. Now, lets say someone wants to search for all companies that sell 'shock absorbers'. If they search for the word 'shock absorbers' with the JomDirectory Search, "Suspension Gurus" does NOT show up. However,  if they search for "Guru" then "Suspension Gurus" does show up, which of course is expected. Am I missing something? Is there a setting or way to have jomDirectory search content in the Details, Features, or a custom tab text area of a listing? 


Joomla Smart Search has a similar issue. It seems Joomla Smart Search will only search the title of the listing or the "Details" text area, but not the Featured tab or Custom tab content. The fact that it searches the "Details" tab is nice and certainly a potential workaround but the Joomla Smart Module searches don't have the JomDirectory listing format and map like the JomDirectory Search function, you just get a huge list of text results.


Ideally we'd like to have JomDirectory Search include searching content in a custom tab. This way I can make a custom tab called "Keywords" and then I can add keywords to a listing that the JomDirectory search module would find. This way suspension companies with the names "Suspension Gurus" and "Ground Control" and "G Force" could all have a keyword 'shock absorber' in their listing and all would show up when someone searched 'shock absorber'.


Hope this makes sense. If someone knows a solution this would be a huge help. It seems like anyone using JomDirectory would want this functionality which is why I think I must be missing something.





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I think I have figured out a workaround that fulfills all the functionality I need. I changed the language file to rename the JomDirectory search of 'keyword' to 'Company' then changed the search field place holder from 'Search Keyword' to 'Search company'. Then I added a custom searchable field in the "features" tab called 'keyword'. which then shows up as a searchable input field on the JomDirectory side search as 'keyword'

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