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Star classification for hotel and multiple category

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It would be a classification of the hotel is in the view that the search for the number of stars. 

It would also implement the appropriate classification for multiple categories, very important! 

Also would improve the management of the Last Minute and special offers, creating a special section related to the structure, perhaps by putting a logo on the displayed "Last Minute" or "special offers" ...

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Hi there,


since our company is a vacation rental company for houses and villas, it is a little bit inconvenient for us to have the star ratings always in the frontend.

The houses of our customers are not rated by stars like hotel categories. For this reason I kindly want to ask you if it would be possible for you to implement an "optional star rating" for jomholiday 3. 

It would be fantastic if the star ratings could be switched on and off in the Jomholiday 3 backend.


I would appreciate if you could note this for your further development of Jomholiday 3.


Thank you :-)


Kind regards

Marc Pohl

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