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How to change static custom fields beds etc

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I would need to change name and icon for the Beds, Baths and Garage, both for the sake of different language (didn't find them int he language files) and since in our country most wanted figures are number of rooms and square meters instead of those. However if I go to custom fields in backend I cannot change those 3, and if I just add a new one I cannot set icon nor does it appear at same level with the above ones (and even if I succeeded in that,. I would need to remove those 3 as unnecessary).


So how can I change the static fields, their name and their icon?


By the way, FYI, the language zip link I found from documentation points to JomDirectory files, not JomEstate files (that one is solved anyway, I found the correct ones through FTP)


Thanks in advance!


P.S. Great product you have here! ;)

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Static fields were created in purpose as these are the basic fields in real estate. Each field has it's own class added so if you want add an icon you can use e.g. firebug to find out the class and add background to it.


You can unblock these fields in database by setting blocked to 0 in fields table.


Where exactly have you found the broken link?



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