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Multi category assignment


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I am literally freaking out that this is not a feature!! I just submitted a ticket asking the question and figured I'd check the forums. I am very disappointed that I just dropped 399 euro on this only to find out that it cannot be done. I guess thats what I get for assuming, I guess I thought that since this could be done in ALL other directories that is was a SOP.


Please, please....add this feature today.

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The current inability to add listings to multiple categories is making this unusable for me.


I thought I had found a potential workaround..


See my post here http://comdev.eu/Forum/topic/545-creating-a-menu-link-to-a-specific-filter-search/


However, they say it cannot be done.


While we can use the tag system to bring some results, the layouts for tag search results would need a lot of customizing to be useful.


It seems that it would not be a overly difficult thing to achieve (Multiple Categories).


Is it going to happen ?

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