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JomHoliday 5.0 Relased Joomla4!


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We are incredibly proud to release JomHoliday 5.0! Special release for Joomla4!

Most of the code have been rewritten with thousands of lines changes. Old Mootools library has been removed among with deprecated functions, which makes it Joomla4! 100% compatible. With new release we have fixed JS errors, rewrite component front-end and most of the back-end. Finally, fixed some bugs and add new functionalities.

Some key features included in the new release:

- Rewritten deprecated Joomla functions

- Rewritten JS libraries, fixed incompatibilities

- New UI and UX to match new Joomla backend

- Changed font library to Google MDI

- Slimmer the code, smaller package

- Overall performance update, faster SQL queries 

- Booking process improved

- Payment plugins have been rewritten

- DB tables fixes for better performance

- Added new fields

- Language fixes, added missing translations

- Fixed router

- New installation package

...and much more!

Get a new version now! Available for active membership members.

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