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Guest tedwards@parexcellencemagazine.com

Extra space in view source + meta info order

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Guest tedwards@parexcellencemagazine.com

Question 1. - When I view the source of a a full details page in the directory there is a significant amount of space between the 2. <meta name="description" content=" and the actual meta description as can be seen in the attached image. Is there a way to reduce this space?




Question 2. - Also in the "view source" area of most well optimized site the "meta" information is usally arranged in the following order:


1. meta name="title"

2. meta name="description"

3. meta name="keywords"


This is in the order of importance as far as the best seo practice is concerned. As per the following example:


1. <meta name="title" content="Annisa - American restaurant in New York" />

2. <meta name="description" content="Annisa, a restaurant owned and operated by award-winning chef Anita Lo, offers first-class cuisine and service in an intimate, sophisticated setting." />

3. <meta name="keywords" content="annisa, contemporary american cuisine, american restaurant" />


However in my directory the meta information is arranged as follows which I would like to know how to change to the better arrangement as per above:


1. meta name="keywords" content="image consultants, mackenzie image consulting, image business, personal branding, charleston, south, carolina" />

2. meta name="description" content="Mackenzie Image Consulting is South Carolina’s only full-service image consulting firm and has been featured by Successful Living Magazine, CareerBuilder.com, Mint.com, MARCH Magazine, SmartBox.com, Hybrid Mom, and a variety of regional publications. MIC..." />


Mackenzie Image Consulting - Image Consultants and Consulting firm based in Charleston, South, Carolina


Is there anyway to change the order of the meta data information?

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