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Guest Pedro Lima

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Guest Pedro Lima



I will buy your software, but I need your help in one thing (and I will need more but I will first buy the 1 month version and if I need more support I will pay the 50€ to have it for a year).


My idea is to have something like this: www.tusmanitas.com


On this website, anyone can go there and insert a request to fix something home, let's say they have a bronken water pipe and want to get budgets from companies to fix it.


Companies, registered, then answer those requests. BUT... the idea is, the company only answer that if they have "points". Let's then say that there's three different packages. A free package with only 10 points per month, a gold with 25 and premium with 50 (these two, paid).


Basicaly, I only need some kind of "points attribution" so the companies can answer the requests from the customers.


What do you say?




Best regards,

Pedro Lima

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