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Guest Richard   Rigg

creating member levels

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Guest Richard   Rigg

I have Jomdirectory and would lke to create different member levels to add features to the ads in the directory..



I wanted to have different business memberhips


Booster - basic listing

Silver - upgraded features

Gold - almost the best

Platinum - Everything!!


Can this be done??

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Guest Russell Searle

One of my customers gave me the same requirement, and I'm working through it at the moment.


I have found reasonable, simple ways of extending the Featured attribute so it handles multiple types of featured listings, and also of applying different user points costs to each featured type. So far changes are restricted to INI files, view.php and Smarty template scripts, but I have a fair bit more to do before I'm happy with it.


But I have a problem with managing changes to the original component code, particularly in the area of Smarty templates. I would like to build all my mods as Joomla! template overrides, but when I've tried that, Smarty doesn't seem to recognize the changed scripts in my site template directories, it just uses its existing compiled script as though nothing has changed. So I'm forced to modify the original component code (while carefully keeping backups of the originals) in order to proceed with my changes.


Can the JomDirectory developers advise if there is a way to make modifications to the JomDirectory Smarty scripts as Joomla! template overrides?


Thanks ...

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Guest David1390423661

For those who may be interested, I have completed custom mods to JomDirectory as required by my client, to provide the following features:


-- Three paid premium subscription options (at different prices) and one free membership level. The site owner can maintain the prices for paid subscriptions in the JomDirectory configuration User Points tab. New paid subscriptions automatically expire after one year. The pricing algorithm and account dashboard was modified so that account owners can upgrade the subscription levels of their listings for an incremental charge, at any time during their year's subscription.


-- Directory summary lists are sorted by premium featured membership levels, with multiple listings randomised within each level, and each level having its own colour-coded featured star and summary listing background.


-- Paid listings get front-end access to all listing options, including company name, map address, full description, SEO meta text and keywords, custom fields, contact form, three phone numbers and a web site URL, logos, photo gallery, videos and attachments. The contact phone numbers are stored on the listing owner's account records (unmodified JomDirectory design), and the web site URL is a custom field.


-- Paid listing detail displays feature a new contact box with icons for land-line phone, mobile, fax and web site. These icons only display when each respective contact field value has actually been entered. Directory visitors can click these icons and the respective contact number is then displayed, or the listing's web site opens in a new window. Spam bots cannot harvest contact details from listing displays.


-- Each click on any contact icon, and each email message to a listing client, is tracked in a custom "Click Event History" table, via an AJAX call. Directory administrators can list, query or sort this table using custom front- and back-end views. The click event history listings allow the site owner to justify paid subscription charges to clients on the basis of actual contact traffic from the directory site.


-- Free listings can have only a company name, map address and limited custom fields. Free listing owners can be contacted only by email, no other contact methods are displayed.


-- Ratings and reviews can be entered for all listings.


-- Various other styling and layout mods.


I answered my own question on this topic: Smarty templates are not affected by the normal Joomla! template override techniques. You have to customise the actual Smarty template files. To maintain version control for the modifications, I just set up a baseline install of the component in a safe directory, and I use a file/text comparison tool to track changes to modified files.


In general, I found JomDirectory to be well structured and pretty easy to understand and modify. Once I got the hang of Smarty, I found it easy enough to make all the changes I needed. The naming convention and the Smarty expressions took some getting used to, but a decent IDE helps to make the code clear. I am very happy with the quality of the product and the results of the modifications.


The actual production site for this project will launch in the next few weeks.


FWIW, I've attached a list of the files I modified.


Russell Searle

Principal Consultant | Psicom


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Guest Giuseppe

Hello mortgagebroker are interested in having this custom mods to jomDorectory.

contact me urgently.



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