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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have some larger customers who have multiple listings for hotels/venues in different areas. Unfortunately, the contact forms on each listing send to the default email address for the user account. My clients would like the contact form to send to the email address of each individual venue shown on the listings instead. Please add this functionality. Kind regards, Justin
  2. Hi there, does anybody know how the email message management is working? I can not find the function to manage email contents. Instead I only can view email contents by mouseover effect and email adresses. The provided informations from comdev website: http://comdev.eu/joomla-components/jomholiday3-features Let your users contact you through emails. Control the message receiver, email content, and other management options with email support from JomHoliday 3. Is this feature still in development? Kind regards Marc Pohl
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