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  1. My Subscription expired just a few days before i noticed this failure (2020-06-12). So i can't open a support ticket for this. Would be nice, if you could me anyway.
  2. Anybody outthere? Would be nice to get an answer or hint. Thank you ?
  3. Hi there I've noticed, that the automatic publication is not working anymore. Inside the object I enter a "publish down" date. The backend correctly indicates that the publication has expired. Nevertheless, the object appears in the frontend and the details can also be accessed. This error is new, or rather, a few months ago the system was still working as desired. Thanks for your help. Sincerely S. Senger Here's the direct link: https://www.betreibungsamt-ag.ch/v5/index.php/zwangsverwertungen/5-5-zimmer-eck-reiheneinfamilienhaus-mit-gartenhalle-5405-baden-daettwil
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