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  1. Apparently another developer who I gave access to the site gofishcity.com removed Membership pro software in an effort to try and fix a problem with front end logging in. Your software was not the problem, but now I can't reinstall the software. I get an error on install when installing com_osmembership.zip. If you need access to the site to examine, let me know. This is a Critical Issue!

    An error has occurred.

    404 Component not found.
  2. I just added a new google map API Key and now the map doesn't work at all. With the previous key I used from another website I built, I got the location in the ocean near Australia. I put in the Map Starting Location (32.8268333, -96.8033669) and it still put the location in Australia. I also had entered an exact address in one of the auctions like you recommended and it still came up in Australia. 

    Now that changed the API, thinking that was the problem, nothing works!

  3. That's even more confusing. This software is an auction site. Auction sites have "Make Offer", "Buy Now" and "Reserve Price". No where on any auction site do I find budget  or investor. 

    If I post $50 budget, what does that mean? You say it means it's the amount an "investor" is willing to spend on the "Job". What job? Auctions are for selling products more than anything. So what job are you referring to? Are you saying someone who bids on product is an investor? In my view and many others, investor is someone who invests in something (a commodity). No one refers to a person who bids on a product in an auction as an investor, no, they are bidders.

    So I'll ask again. Is Budget in your software a Buy Now or Reserve number?

  4. If you look at ebay or other major auction sites, where is the term "Budget" located? What does that term mean in US language terms? Is that Reserve price (as it might seem to be the way ebay states) or are you using that term in some other capacity? Please explain. It's not listed anywhere on your site.

  5. On the categories pages, I have 2 issues. One is the map is showing water near Australia and not the location I put in the options section on the backend. I tried both the latitude and longitude area within Highland Park, Texas and the actual Highland Park, Texas address and does not work. Why?

    Also, what is the big image holder on the left side of the categories and how do I change it? I added images to each category but nothing shows up. You can see one here.


  6. On the main Jomoffers menu, I have links like this "https://gofishcity.com/?option=com_jomoffers&view=admin_listings" and when I click the link menu item "Listing" and the others, I get redirected to the main index.html page (gofishcity.com/welcome). Why is that and what's causing this redirect to the wrong place?

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