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  1. It works. The issue was that all four API's needed selected in this section, I only had the maps api enabled. Issue i
  2. additionally, i've disabled and re-enabled all four api's. billing is setup. I only have an api key on the maps javascript api
  3. as soon as you begin typing int eh address radius search you get: This page can't load Google Maps correctly.
  4. All of these are enabled, i even enabled the directions api that someone in that thread said was needed. same result
  5. Are you serious? The api key is there, this is why i am messaging
  6. I have a "Google Maps API Key" field that the api key is in. I don't see "key set"? I have the 5.0 Version, Build 807, which i bought a year ago and just now using for the first time...
  7. We cannot get the Address Radius Search to work, it says "This page can't load Google Maps correctly." as soon as you begin typing in the search box. We've compared every field there is to a working google maps account for a different working project, but no dice. Ideas?
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