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  1. Hi, I created sub-categories in the COMDEV / ADDRESS component, now when I click on the jomholiday Item module on the home page it does not direct me to the chosen item, sending me on a link to the jomholiday component. Removing the sub-category from the address all returns to normal. See photo: the correct link should be this:
  2. My subscription does not allow me to create tickets. It expired in January.
  3. I created a company account on paypal, I created the API, I did everything as explained by wiky comdev jomholiday. Does not work. As you can see from the image, do not check the sandbox to access paypal and make payment.
  4. the problem is that from the user control panel, when I go to membership plan to upgrade, the paypal panel does not come out to pay ..
  5. Hi, I followed all the instructions to install the api credentials for the correct operation of the comdev plugin, but I can't get it to work. How can I update the user subscription payment? Thank you
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