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  1. Is there no other way to import the over 20,000 contacts have then building an XML? The vast amount of time it would take to do that is not feasible considering there are better ways to import a database of info into a program live a CSV
  2. I have JomOffers and I am working on releasing it as a project based platform for people to request bids on their home improvement projects. Most of this type of work cannot be completed without the area or issue being looked at in person. My concern is how to ensure payment in the following scenario: Person posts project for plumbing repair > Plumber needs to look at job to review to know how much it will cost > Plumber meets with person who posted to review issue > Plumber offers quote onsite and completes work and pays user without going back through the JomOffers system... How at this point do I get paid? Are there any features built in to the system to help avoid this?
  3. Nevermind, the documentation was taking me to permissions and the setting up a group was above. Following the documented intrustructions made it work
  4. I have tried to set up a membership plan but it is requested a Group ID. I thought I had created a group with the appropriate permissions, but nothing shows up in this drop down. What am I doing wrong?
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