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  1. It would be nice if the Jom Directory listings' item view had it's own itemid instead of displaying on the category itemid. As it is now modules that display on category pages display on item pages. This is not very good for a commercial grade site. It is difficult to sell advertising or make money off of a site that does not allow displaying of specific modules for specific pages. It would be nice if the development team added a single view option xml in the menu item creation choices so that a specific page could get a menu item as well but this can always be achieved using an external url menu item type, but, again, one can't select specific modules to display this way either. Without this a developer can always write rules to show or not show module positions based on a view, which we will do in the interim but we feel having an itemid for the item view instead of using the itemid of the category view would have been expected given the cost of the extension.
  2. Currently JomDirectory only makes use of products compare. Since the component is packaged and sold as a directory it seems unusually lacking that a compare feature would not be available to the actual main component, why add the feature to a peripheral feature (Products ) of the component but not to the main part of the component itself?
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