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  1. Hello, in JomEstate is only one Gallery possible ... :-( We want to create more Gallerys with separate Headlines ... - Inside - Outside - Pool - etc. We use the Yootheme Widgetkit for some Gallerys in ContentSites and tryed to include these Widgetkit Gallerys in the Texteditor of "Edit Listing" and also in Custom TAB (= Textarea Editor) To include such a Gallery ... you have only use this syntax : [widgetkit id=7" name="Bildergalerie] Nothing happens ... :-( The HMTL code is ignored :-( Is ist not possible to use HTML Code in the JomEstate Editors ?!? We use the JCE Editor in Joomla. Thank you
  2. Hello, in the Summary / Full Description of the Properties, we want to use HMTL-Tags like <ul> for a better text structure. But the "bullets" of the <li> are not shown in the frontend of the Property-View in the TAB Details or any other TAB (wirh Text Area) of the custom fields. Why ? <ol> or <h1> etc. works correkt ... but <ul> not :-( http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JE/Properties+Listings We tryed the "read more" to separate the Summary / Full Description ... but nothing happens. Have anyone an idea ? Thank you
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