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  1. The current inability to add listings to multiple categories is making this unusable for me. I thought I had found a potential workaround.. See my post here http://comdev.eu/Forum/topic/545-creating-a-menu-link-to-a-specific-filter-search/ However, they say it cannot be done. While we can use the tag system to bring some results, the layouts for tag search results would need a lot of customizing to be useful. It seems that it would not be a overly difficult thing to achieve (Multiple Categories). Is it going to happen ?
  2. Hi, Is there a way to create a menu item that links to a filter search ? eg: I want a link that will behave the same as a user typing in a keyword into the filter.... Say I have a listing that has the word "cafe" in the title or set as a tag, I want this link to bring the same results as if they typed it into the JomDirectory filter. Thanks
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