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  1. I'm making a campingguide and I need to have a menuitem that fetches all the campingplaces that is open in the winter. So I make a category "Wintercamp". But I also need to make a menuitem that shows all the mountaincamping places. So now I have a camping site that is open in the winter AND is on the mountain. So since a campinglace can be in only one category I wonder if someone have a suggestion to how I can solve this? I can use keywords in stead of categories, but I can't create a menuitemn for a keyword? I need to create a menuitem URL (SEO stuff). Regards Øystein
  2. I don't understand what to choose when I want to create a menuitem to the jomdirectory frontpage. See attached image. Is it polish? Here is a link: http://nye.campingguiden.no/this-is-not-understandable.png
  3. Is there a template provider you would recommend that works well with jomdirectory? Or doesn't it matter...?
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