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  1. Hello all, I have installed JomDirectory on a subdomain at my site for developing and testing. After finishing the work I will upload my license key, because you have said to me that the License should be installed on the final domain. The component works very well. The issue I have is with the Modules (Latest & Slideshow). I make them appear on the Frontpage of the site, but when I click on any item of the slideshow or latest module, I don't get the correct page (url) of the item I clicked on. So, how can I solve this Issue please? Example of the issue: Here ist the main site I work on (just for testing & developing): test.domain.com Try to click on any item in SlideShow Module or latest item module on the FrontPage. You don't get the correct link (url). When you click -for example- on (Test Item ) item, You should get the following url: http://test.domin.com/1-test But this is not the correct link The correct link for that item is: http://test.domain.com/categories/first-category/1-test I have changed the "Home" menu item in the site to be a "category tree" trying to solve the issue, but I still get the same error in url. Please help me urgent! Thanks in advance!
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