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  1. What I want to build is a directory of organization offering different type of services that permit visitors of the Main top organization to search all attached organization by location and capabilities (Services) Questions: What is absolutely needed • Can I change the search term “All Categories” par “Régions” • Can I have a filter with drop down of tags - Will be name “Services” (maybe 15+ services/tag) • Do you have an alphabetical filter - A-B-C-D…. • Need a breadcrumb in the directory to allow the visitor to come back to the first page of the directory • Need French language Optional • Do I have to use The “Products” and all other products catalog building menus in JoomDirectory and can I even hide them (ACL) to the Directory Editors — I like to give a clean interface to the Directory Editors
  2. First timer questions... — This is coming with is own template or can adapt to any templates ? — Are Jomholidays completely responsive and work with phone ? — Are you using joomla articles as items or ? — Do you think it can be use for events registration ?
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