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  1. Allow people to post events to the site who are not registered users on the front end. No point having a community calendar if not everyone from the community can post things, only registered users. Some people will not go through the hassle, however the information may be important and the administrators can sort that out.
  2. It would be great to do this from a reporting side as well.
  3. I would agree with this. One of the fantastic things about this program is the ability to leverage memberships off of this. But with simple reporting it may not be enough to sell memberships to this directory. I would also like to see reports integrated in moving forward between Events, Directory, and if you are going to move to a "Offer" program that as well so that a customer who has maybe a restaraunt, and is having an event with an offer can see how many times their directory, their events, and their offer was shown. This would be a huge selling point for this program.
  4. I have posted a directory listing from the front end of the site, I have then gone back to the admin side to see if the review posted. I do get a message that there is a new review, however I do not see where I can click on it to go and approve the review. Is it only possible to approve the review from the front end? Shouldn't you be able to approve it from the back end?
  5. How do I change the "JomDirectory Latest" module to show items by random? I am not looking for ascending or decending or by how many times something was voted on. Just want it to randomly populate something in the field.
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