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  1. How can I add my own watermark to all images in property?
  2. Language not affected when change site lang to Russian. Where is the problem. Some files are UTF8 coded but not UTF-8 without BOM. So I changed these files to UTF-8 without BOM. But still not affected. Site translated to Russian but JomHoliday Component not translated. Edited. I fixed some errors via language debug. In JomHoliday site language file have some unclosed brackets (").
  3. I'm using xMap for sitemap, and I'm using Falang for multiligual site. Please support xmap and falang content elements...
  4. Yes, please add a menu for customers where to get reservations, edit and print--very important !!
  5. Jomholiday 3 Turkish Language Installer Pack : Build 3384 com_jomholiday_tr-TR-3384.zip
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