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  1. murat@siteadi.com

    Watermark On Images

    How can I add my own watermark to all images in property?
  2. murat@siteadi.com

    Russian Translation

    Language not affected when change site lang to Russian. Where is the problem. Some files are UTF8 coded but not UTF-8 without BOM. So I changed these files to UTF-8 without BOM. But still not affected. Site translated to Russian but JomHoliday Component not translated. Edited. I fixed some errors via language debug. In JomHoliday site language file have some unclosed brackets (").
  3. murat@siteadi.com

    3'rd party extension support

    I'm using xMap for sitemap, and I'm using Falang for multiligual site. Please support xmap and falang content elements...
  4. murat@siteadi.com

    improvements required

    Yes, please add a menu for customers where to get reservations, edit and print--very important !!
  5. murat@siteadi.com

    Star classification for hotel and multiple category

    Yes, please add these features.
  6. murat@siteadi.com

    Turkish Translation

    Jomholiday 3 Turkish Language Installer Pack : Build 3384 com_jomholiday_tr-TR-3384.zip