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  1. Is JomOffers soon compatible with Joomla 4 ? any roadmaps and changelogs for all your Joomla extensions? cheers!
  2. Yes would be nice to have it integrated with EasySocial as well though its the best social profiling extension for Joomla.
  3. Good improvements! Hope to use this with Joomla 4 !
  4. Hi is there an option for using OpenStreetMap now? cheers!
  5. Hi I would like the items you advertiser put up in your directory also to be time based like a subscription member can advertiser one item for free and that item is posted by time restrictions depending on category etc. So can insert one listing with membership A, categories a-z with limit of 1 months advertising for first item. You can then prolonge the listing when you get reminder email one week before its automatically deactivated/deleted and one reminder 2 days before last day it will be active.. So a system for making listings active for certain periods and categories etc could be improved but this is the ideas so system not have old inacurate listings..
  6. Just come by to say you have done a great job on JomHoliday 4.3 release. I wonder only for support also for OpenStreetMap ? As many have problem and for small org using Google maps there is alternatives like OpenStreetMap https://www.openstreetmap.org
  7. Its good questions and I think first is the Joomla 3.9 on the horizon GDPR support. I also wonder about support for Helix Ultra template framework though its better than Gantry, I tried that one year and have to skipp it bcs of performance issues. Now I use Helix Ultra template framework with SP Pagebuilder Pro working flawlessly https://www.joomshaper.com/page-builder
  8. What you think? New versions look really nice JomHoliday 4.3 release. Just wish to use SP Pagebuilder Pro https://www.joomshaper.com/page-builder and Helix Ultra template framework too https://www.joomshaper.com/helix Is there a EasySocial plg for integration with your extensions? https://stackideas.com/easysocial
  9. Hi I just saw this post and also vote write about this in another post.. http://comdev.eu/Forum/topic/572-make-custom-fields-work-for-multiple-categories/
  10. Hi looking great new JomDirectory 5.0! I wonder if you can make the customer fields work for multiple categories so you can add a select for the custom fields to work just for some of the categories ( even products) as multiple choices. Also if it would be possible to import the locations (World, Regions/states, cities) files from free example MaxMind files ?
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