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  1. I agree that for a extension that I paid well over $200 for, I should be able to add a listing to more than one category. Please advise on when this might happen. Thanks!
  2. How can I change the membership expiration? I would like to have a few different options: Basic Membership - Free and Does not expire Commercial Members - Paid Annually Web Hosting Clients - Paid Quarterly I see that the option is there for either monthly or annually, but nothing else. Is there a way to change this?
  3. I am having the same trouble. I have created the custom fields and assigned them to a category. However, when I try to put a new entry into a category, the custom fields tab is blank (as pictured above by the other user). However, when I try to save it, I get an error message telling me that my required custom fields are blank. But there is no place to enter or select the information for my custom fields.
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