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  1. The Google components of the maps are not working properly. Maybe you have to insert the bees? New update? How do we go on? Google maps does not work!!!
  2. 1) you are doing a good job I congratulate you for the updates, but I kindly ask you to simplify uploading photos front-end because my clients find it difficult to access the back-and therefore prefer to place the structure so fast from the side front. 2) make it more intuitive placement of the rooms, otherwise the customer enters the structure and believes he has done and forgotten to switch rooms. Thank you so much Fabio
  3. improve uploading photos, removing the need to enter the name and description for each photo and entering the classic puff pastry, thank you
  4. Requests: 1) Add a menu for customers where to get reservations, edit and print--very important !! 2) Add the option to insert html booking payments by credit card (bank external type BANCASELLA) 3) Improving the votes of the comments why not intuitive 4) Improve the loading photo front side rooms with multiple addition and more intuitive For the rest of you have done a good job!
  5. traduzione in italiano lato admin e lato front + modulo searc filter (forse da migliorare un pò) Scompattare i file e caricarli nelle ripettive cartelle language sia lato admin che lato front, aggiornare e il gioco è fatto. Ricordatevi di impostare il vostro sito joomla 3.0 in italiano per visionare le modifiche. Appena avrò la traduzione del componente comdev la pubblicherò di seguito. by Fabio Pecce per assistenza tecnica: fabio.pecce(at)libero.it mod_jomholiday_search.zip com_jomholiday.zip
  6. I have the translation Italian jomholiday 3 admin side and front side + searc contact me on email: fabio.pecce(at)libero.it
  7. the selection of the rooms on the user side in ipad and iphone version is not clickable, I had to remove the css class.
  8. my joomla: joomla 3.3.3 end jomholiday 3
  9. the filter does not work for component search returns 500 error why? You have to configure? Link: www.bbviaggi.it/index.php Help!
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