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  1. Hi Adhi, since some months it is now possible to set the availabilities in the booking calendar. Thank you Comdev! You need to login in as a customer and go to bookings. There you can set the dates for each ressources. Not available ressources will be shown blocked in the calendar. You can take a look at my website holidaypineapple.de.
  2. Hi, you can remove the phrase in the language file. COM_JOMHOLIDAY_PER_NIGHT="per Night" Leave the phrase "per Night" empty and type "" Kind regards Marc
  3. Hi there, since our company is a vacation rental company for houses and villas, it is a little bit inconvenient for us to have the star ratings always in the frontend. The houses of our customers are not rated by stars like hotel categories. For this reason I kindly want to ask you if it would be possible for you to implement an "optional star rating" for jomholiday 3. It would be fantastic if the star ratings could be switched on and off in the Jomholiday 3 backend. I would appreciate if you could note this for your further development of Jomholiday 3. Thank you :-) Kind regards Marc Pohl
  4. Hi there, we are very satisfied with Jomholiday 3!! :-) To make our website a little bit more convenient to our customers, we want to show only informations that are relevant in front admin and have some ideas for improvements for further Jomholiday 3 versions. 1) I would appreciate if it would be possible to turn off the menu items in the admin frontend concerning „bookings", if the booking function is disabled. But please do not disable the booking calendar, because it is helpful for our customers to find the right price and date in frontend. :-) 2) It would be fantastic, if the check-in and check-out dates in the booking calendar would be taken automatically into the enquiry calendar? Otherwise the customer need always to type the same date two times. Kind regards Marc Pohl
  5. Hi there, here is my update with the latest version of the german translation for the frontend and frontadmin. The backadmin sites are still in english and need to be translated into german. Hope you like it! com_jomholiday_de-DE-3485.zip
  6. Hi there, does anybody know how the email message management is working? I can not find the function to manage email contents. Instead I only can view email contents by mouseover effect and email adresses. The provided informations from comdev website: http://comdev.eu/joomla-components/jomholiday3-features Let your users contact you through emails. Control the message receiver, email content, and other management options with email support from JomHoliday 3. Is this feature still in development? Kind regards Marc Pohl
  7. Hi there, to avoid law conflicts in Germany it is recommended to show clients always a summary of services and products, before they purchase something online. For that reasons It would be very helpful if you could add a checkout feature for membership upgrades of clients (back admins). Clients (back admins) should be able to check all details in a last step with a summary: - services and inclusions they want to buy - price with VAT and total - a checkbox with terms and conditions - billing address - choose a payment method - paypal, advanced payment, ... - a buy button In addition customers could receive an automatic email with an order confirmation with all above mentioned details of purchased services. I would appreciate a back admin checkout addition for membership upgrades in the future versions of JH3. Maybe this feature could be also interesting for other users of JH3 in other countries. :-) Kind regards Marc Pohl
  8. Hi there, I like your current JH3 version very much!!! Very good design and work, Thx! There is only one thing I'm missing. To avoid to much unnecessary emails from prospective tenants to our clients, it would be helpful if there would be a availability calendar, when disabling the booking function. Would it be possible to add a availability calendar, which could only show the vacancy without prices? Kind regards Marc Pohl
  9. Hi guys! I have translated all Jomholiday 3 front sides and some admin sites into german language. It's a little bit specific for my website (holidaypineapple.de), but everybody can adjust the words and phrases. You need to upload the files easily via joomla extension manager. That's it! Contact me if you need some help. ;-) com_jomholiday_de-DE-2883.zip
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