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  1. i have a list of property types in a custom field.  the values are things like 'condo' and 'townhome'.  

    when someone selects both condo and townhome on the search, meaning either are ok, i would like the search to show properties that are either condo OR townhome.  the behavior of search is condo AND townhome which will always be an empty set.


    optionally, i could do it on a url for my needs.  currently above is how the search is formatted when both are selected.  is there a way on the url or in the custom field to make a search an OR?

  2. The ability of the std joomla list to display and organize a tree is 'lacking'...  Since a multi-level tree is the standard paradygm of jomdirectory on many of it's views (categories, addresses to name 2) it would be really nice to have a better UI that would allow items (addresses/categories) to be organized by drag and drop and also to be able to collapse and expand the tree so that when i search for 'city name' i can find it and see which part of the tree it's in after the filter.


    in essence, this would be like making it more like 'windows explorer' or 'finder' that is good at handling tree/directory structures.


    it would be ok to just have that on the backend/admin for my purposes although i can see some instances where it may be useful on the front end as well.


    is adding drag/drop and expand/collapse for tree navigation on the backend something that comdev has considered?

  3. looks like you have developed your custom themes using the yootheme warp framework.  


    does that mean the jomholiday component will work well with any of the yootheme themes?  anyone have experience using jomholiday on one of the 'out of the box' yoothemes?

  4. i'm considering jomholiday.  i'm seeing a new beta version 3 but looks like it's not completely functional yet (ajax search words don't seem to do anything, ajax map doesn't update when you select categories, etc).


    is there a development roadmap for jomholiday that talks about features you intend to add over time?  and a timeframe for v3 to be ready for production?

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