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  1. Hi i tried installing r-antispam, component to my template but it says that WarningJInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file . My bandwidth limit is about to shut my site down. What can i do to block these spams or their i.p addresses. Please help
  2. hla@designspectrum.co.za

    Category giving wrong extension

    Thank you. sorted
  3. hla@designspectrum.co.za

    Category giving wrong extension

    I am not sure what i didnt do or did wrong. When i go to my front end home page and click on categories it shows all listings under all categories. There is only one category that shows ......index.php/automotive but others have e.g .......index.php/latest, i am trying to figure out how to remove other categories from pointing to lastest but point correctly like the automotive one. Please help anyone....Thanks
  4. hla@designspectrum.co.za

    JomDirectory layout is set to ADDRESS not showning

    Thanks sorted. Now my problem is that i have my categories in front page as in template, when i click the category it shows all listings from other categories as well. Is there anything i didnt configure. I did do the menu item config for each and every category.
  5. Hi I have set the joomDirectory layout to address but still when i add directory listing there is no option for me to add address. How do i make this work, i need to start adding listings on my categories. Is there something i didnt do right?