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  1. Does anyone here know how to fix the Bootstrap.css with a rt template? thanks in advance best regards
  2. Problem fixed, Here is the code to attach the address to the search bar <div class="je-mod-search-fields je-separator"> <label><?= JText::_(Address); ?></label> <?= $form->getInput('categories_address_id') ?> </div>
  3. I tired <div class="je-mod-search-fields je-separator"> <label><?= JText::_('address'); ?></label> <?= $form->getInput(‘address’) ?> </div> but still nothing
  4. By any chance could it be done inside a drop-down box including all the cities?
  5. Hey Guys, By any chance would someone know how to change the Single Search Module to include address please? Thank you in Advance!
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