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  1. hi,
    I installed on the site jomholiday travellito.com and a bit 'of time would be a bit' slow on the homepage.
    I enabled gzip compression of joomla and the cache.
    Do I get any optimization on component so that everything can be a bit 'more' accessible by the user?
    Thanks to all who will give me a hand

  2. Hi,

    I would like to know how to possibly make a component update to v 3 and as 'purchased before and then I want to know how to speed up both the component itself that the site (joomla 3.x)' cause is somewhat slow connection.

    Some of these valuable info on your part, I cordially greet.



    vorrei sapere come eventualmente effettuare un aggiornamento del componente alla v 3 dato che e' stato acquistato prima e poi vorrei sapere come velocizzare sia il componente stesso che il sito (joomla 3.x) perche' risulta alquanto lenta la connessione.

    Certo di queste preziose info da parte vostra, saluto cordialmente.


  3. Hello to all,
    Use the component Jomholiday fantastically and I would like someone much more 'experienced than me to help me to send the form in the "Contact the owner" through the "send email" to two different email addresses: one in which the owner has inserted' property and the other at the site of administration.
    I would like to know operate on that file to insert a double sending in php.
    certain that someone would resolve the situation, thank you in advance.


  4. Hello,
    I tried the component demo and I must say that 'very charming.
    I am writing in regard to the amendment of the email. In that way you can modify and customize these emails to my liking? Where did you take the various fields that are needed for the changes?
    Thanks to all who give me the news.

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