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  1. Hello? The form DOESN'T WORK, and I didn't touch anything... Need help.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the form OPINION. I completed the form and when I put SEND OPINION it doesn't work (into the TAB opinions). I don't know what can it be. The rest works fine. My "contact form" had a problem and you fixed it, I don't know if it is related or not. EXAMPLE: http://bureauevento.com/creacion-de-espacios/ambientacion-y-diseno/300-bluming Thanks.
  3. (I have send a ticket, but did not get an answer, I had removed the links, because the web is private, and now is closed, in the ticket are all the Username/Password/Links) Hi, I have three problems, first: Can´t access to the categories, all things are link to the menu correctly, but when I click in the picture´s category, or in the sub-categories, there are no links, it doesn't god anywhere. Second: Te letters "abcdefg..all" don't work either. And the "Search" option. Nothing works. What could it be? I need to fix it. The other problem: "Últimos Premium en Directorio Bureau Evento" (last premiums display at the bottom) when you click on one of the things it goes to the CATEGORY not the PRODUCT that ist´s shown. And once you are there, when you click into a product´s link, it doesn't go there. It is working wrong. Thanks.
  4. Hi, im getting this error: Model class K2ModelItem not found in file. I guess it is a problem of compatibility with K2. http://bureauevento.com/ Thanks.
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