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  1. If I send email from property page to an agent, system will go pack to list of proeprties at certain category - but show only that one property where emails was sent from. This is true until I restart browser. I tried this with firefox and IE, and deleteting browsing history (cookies etc), didin't work again until I starter browser. Another strange problem is that email is not received even the pages tells emai is sent. If I try another form at same site (based on chronoforms) it works, but not the one with properties. Any ideas for either of these?
  2. Any solution for this yet? I believe it is there aleady as it is seen in your demopages, but I just cannot find it..
  3. In future releases, it would be good to have option to show or hide the streetview on property basis. This because while it is valuable and nice feature with some properties, with some it maybe shows an image from many years ago, when there was contruction set or similar - thus not giving right view of current. Even it is clear for many people, some doesn't understand it..
  4. How can I add custom tabs? Can I add videos's to their own tab instead of to same with sliding images? I have seen these within your demopages, but I have not seen any option for those, nor did I see anyting in the documentation or here at the forum. So it seems they can be done somehow, but how? Thanks in advance for help!
  5. If property is saved as a copy, all the images with it disappear. How could they be kept with the copy of property?
  6. If I select an agent and pus trash, it is marged as trashed, and still seen at agent list. But I do not see way to empty trash or remove it from the list. How to do that?
  7. For those who use JCE: To have it with new user group the permissions need to be set from JCE own settings (not same options-permissions as for others)
  8. Update: I got permission now to add or change also those areas. What I had to do was to give this group add/edit permissions in the global level (in Global congiguration->permissions). It is still missing the WYSIWYG editor though, but at least one can now add or edit those areas too.
  9. Hi, I did that and got New, Edit and such buttons to appear at every part, but that did not yet solve the problem. Now I can edit all the other parts with user in new group, except Property Types, Price Types, Categories. In those parts I get the new and edit buttons, but they just give error if used - and the existing items appear as list, with no links from their names as normally. I have put allow (not inherhited, this was problem before with Comdev-component's permissions in case someone is in same situation) to both JomEstate and ComDev -components to each permission line for this new user group. Do they have some other permission check than other parts since those 3 are only ones not allowing modifying?
  10. Hi, Since user cannot edit/create new categories or property types and such from frontend, I need to give some users backend access. To reduce their access to only JomEstate component, I created new user group and access level. This group can access the JomEstate now at backend and create new porperties there, but not to create or edit the categories, or property types. Custom Fields, they can add new but not edit. In the options->permissions fo JomEstate I gave the allowed for every selectables for that group, but that didn't help. Into what group user needs to belong to be able to add/edit also those parts? Or how could it be accomblished? Thanks in advance!
  11. Can some agent be made as "super agent" - thus being able to handle all properties from fontend like superadmin can do form backend. Thus that agent would be act as "site owner" or "agency", and be able to modify all proerties on site, regardless to which agent they they were created by or assigned to. If not, this would be feature request
  12. Thank you for your info, I will modify it correspondingly. The broken link for the language files is found at this page: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JE/Language#Language-TranslateJomEstate The link to zip-file in top of page takes to JomDirectory -language file zip
  13. I would need to change name and icon for the Beds, Baths and Garage, both for the sake of different language (didn't find them int he language files) and since in our country most wanted figures are number of rooms and square meters instead of those. However if I go to custom fields in backend I cannot change those 3, and if I just add a new one I cannot set icon nor does it appear at same level with the above ones (and even if I succeeded in that,. I would need to remove those 3 as unnecessary). So how can I change the static fields, their name and their icon? By the way, FYI, the language zip link I found from documentation points to JomDirectory files, not JomEstate files (that one is solved anyway, I found the correct ones through FTP) Thanks in advance! P.S. Great product you have here!
  14. Hi, When I try to see one specific property, it does not show anyting in details tab. All the others seem to be there - images, maps etc. But details tab is empty. If I try to see same in a grid-list, I will see the details when hovering mouse over the image, so it the details are there. But when cliking that image to see all info for that proerty, the details tab is empty.. Thanks for help in advance!
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