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  1. The "BACK" link at the top of directory listings is not working when the listing was arrived at via the search module. In Chrome, it returns a "confirm form resubmission" page, and in Firefox, it returns a "Document Expired" error page. I posted this in the forum instead of submitting a ticket because it is a widespread problem. You can check it out on the JomDirectory demo site. Could someone please post a fix for this (it is very confusing for old people). Thanks
  2. Thanks, but I feel like I am pulling teeth. Could you please give me the actual path (for example: /com_jomdirectory/views/items/tmpl/??) to the file that I need to edit (in the most recent version of the component) to change the order of tabs in the "simple" layout. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Thanks, I figured that I would need to change them manually, but I can't figure out which file to edit. I am using the "simple" layout. So, which file is it?
  4. How do I change the order of the tabs in directory listings? Or change which tab is selected by default? Either one would suit my purposes. I want to have the "Location" tab to be first OR already selected and displaying the map in the directory listing. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
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