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  1. Hello, JomDirectory has smart search feature integrated where full text search is possible as the content is indexed. Another possibility is to use tags, which can be searched under Keyword field.
  2. Hello, Please create a support ticket with an example so we can have a look into the issue.
  3. Hello, We can't be responsible for 3'rd party extensions, please configure the standard Joomla re-captcha. More information can be found here: http://comdev.eu/support-tickets/knowledgebase
  4. Hello, Please update the extension, assuming that you're using version with old slideshow, where this issue was present.
  5. Hi Thanks, for sharing the translation, can you please however place the translation files under the package? (attached) it will be easier for other users to install using extension installer. com_jomholiday_it-IT-2886.zip
  6. Thanks for creating the translation, can you please share the language package on the forum?
  7. This issue has been fixed on your site, also in newest package
  8. This option will be available in version 3.4 of the extension.
  9. Hello, That is correct, the listings map shows the pins for the properties in current page. Please use Ajax map search module to display all properties available in Addons.
  10. Ticket has been respond with the information that we can't connect to FTP to solve the issue. Please respond. Joomla 2.5 do not load the jquery natively. We strongly recommend to update the Joomla to latest version.
  11. Hello, Please make sure that Items link has been created as per documentation: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Menu+Items#MenuItems-CreatingMenuItemstoaccessJomDirectory
  12. Hello, Please make sure that use same image width and format in main Options and Menus.
  13. Hello, Please place your request in the feature requests forum.
  14. Hello, All categories links must be set with default address (no selected) otherwise it will not work.
  15. Hello, How the url looks like? Please make sure that site is not in a directory e.g. http://domain.com/some-directory
  16. Hello, Address means only layout name where you can search by address. For the address appear in the listings, please fill it in the comdev component as per documentation: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Address
  17. Please set the the search module to: Side search than in custom fields set the fields value: Can be searched to Yes.
  18. Hello, When adding a custom field and choosing category, custom fields will be available only for that category when adding new listing.
  19. Hello, "Can´t access to the categories, all things are link to the menu" - Please make sure that menu with categories has been created as per documentation: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Menu+Items it is important for the component to work correctly. "Te letters "abcdefg..all" don't work either. And the "Search" option." - We need to check the issue our team will have a look "when you click on one of the things it goes..." - Same as point one. Items Menu link needs to be created as per documentation. Thank you,
  20. Hello, Each user can connect his eventbrite account in his profile. Direct link from front admin if configured in component Options. JomSocial is not yet integrated.
  21. Please set Tabs as the group for the custom field. Content of the custom field will be displayed as the Tab in the detailed view.
  22. Please make sure that your email is configured correctly and Joomla NOT Chronoforms is sending emails. We suggest also to check the Spam folder.
  23. Hello, Forum is maintained by the community members. If you need a support quickly please create a support ticket. As per images there are couple of settings that needs to be checked. Images can have different format set e.g. 1:1 where they are not cropped 4:3 and 16:9 where they are cropped to match the format. Also please make sure that settings for the menu are set Use Global Settings to NO Otherwise you must set the image format for that menu (global settings are than being override).
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