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  1. Hello, Translations are community bases. Please check the forum threads.
  2. Hi Each custom field has it own class name that can be used to add icon e.g: .cd-beds .cd-customfield-label-icon {padding-left: 20px; background: url("../images/beds.png") 0 50% no-repeat;}
  3. Hello, Please make sure that menu Items is present on the site as per documentation: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Menu+Items
  4. Hello, Star rating is already available from version 3.2 of the extension. Thank you,
  5. Hello, In newest version there is an option to show calendar under component settings. Thank you,
  6. Hello, We do plan to release a new version in May.
  7. — This is coming with is own template or can adapt to any templates ? You can adapt any template or purchase from us — Are Jomholidays completely responsive and work with phone ? Yes — Are you using joomla articles as items or ? Articles are linked under Item view on details tab — Do you think it can be use for events registration ? Yes it can with some layout changes
  8. Hello, We would need more details, please turn on error reporting and paste the error.
  9. Please provide more information what reports would you like to get included for the admin.
  10. Please download and update the extension, it has been already fixed.
  11. Quickstart is a stand-alone Joomla installation it should be unpacked and uploaded using FTP: http://confluence.comdev.eu/display/JD2/QuickStart+Installation
  12. There are two settings that controls the reviews approval. One is for the admin and second for the owner of the listing. Please make sure that you haven't got the second option turned on, otherwise owner from the front-end needs to approve it.
  13. Hello, The issues has been fixed. Please download and update.
  14. Hello, That is fine, it is allowed to do that. License should be installed on the final domain.
  15. Hello, We are currently working this feature, it will be available soon.
  16. Please use installer Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_nl-NL.zip
  17. Please use installer to install the package. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_zh-TW-3072.zip
  18. Please use extension installer. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_ru-RU translated -3072.zip
  19. Use installer to install the package. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_pt-BR-3072.zip
  20. Please use installer. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_hr-HR-3072.zip
  21. Please use extension installer to install the package. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_fr-FR-3072.zip
  22. Please use installer. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_es-ES-3072.zip
  23. Please use installer. Build: 3072 com_jomholiday_cs-CZ -3072.zip
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