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  1. Hello, Please make sure that mandatory menu links have been created (for each language): http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JH3/Menu+Items
  2. Hello, Please make sure that you have set access permissions under component Options -> Permissions as per article: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Configuration+Steps
  3. Hello, Currently there is no integration with JomSocial. We can develop it as customisation. If you would like to proceed, please create a support ticket so we can estimate time and cost. You may also place this feature on the "Feature requests" on the forum. Thank you
  4. Hello, You may disable social networking under component Options. If you would like to disable only Pinterest button you may do that by editing layouts. Thank you,
  5. Hello, You may add any shipping methods by creating custom fields, and set shipping as group.
  6. Please create a support ticket, we'll check it.
  7. Hello, Is there any error? Does the payment redirects to PayPal?
  8. We would like to announce a new version of The JomHoliday extension! Changes and fixes in newer version: - Number of kids is being checked and count into overall booking - Added price on resource - Improved Resources, now image is bigger and more visible - Slider for the resource images - Include image resource for the booking email - Added booking range form when setting price for the resource in Front Admin - Map markers, listings within same addresses have single pin but info box can be scrolled - Improved booking forms in Front Admin - Fixed percentage payment issue - Fixed Resources images - not all images were shown - Fixed SQL error when creating bookings in Front admin - Fixed translations files (duplicate translation strings) - Fixed other minor issues
  9. Updated French translation files. com_jomdirectory.fr_FR.zip
  10. Updated German language pack com_jomdirectory_de_DE.zip
  11. Hello, Thanks you for your recent purchase. Please check documentation link where it has been explained: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Quick+Start A good start is to create categories and addresses once it has been done create a first listing. Optionally configure custom fields (can be configured later). Important: Once categories have been created you need to create menu links: Items menu link - which is being used for search results and link each category (can be on separate menu). Otherwise you won't be able to access listing details: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JD2/Menu+Items
  12. Hello, Template does not include extension. it has to be purchased as well for full booking functionality.
  13. Hello, All component and language files are located under JOOMLA_ROOT/language/en-GB/... directory. For example to translate extension please copy: en_GB.com_jomcomdev.ini en_GB.com_jomdirecotry.ini To your language folder, for Greek language it will be: /el-GR/ and change file names to: el_GR.com_jomcomdev.ini el_GR.com_jomdirecotry.ini Than translate all the strings. You may check if the translation is correct by turning ON language debug under Joomla Global Options. If there are no red background errors than it should be fine. Do the same for modules and plugins.
  14. Hi, we are currently developing this feature will be available this month.
  15. Our documentation (http://wiki.comdev.eu) needs updating and we're looking for the right person. This project requires that you have at least an intermediate level of English language. You need to be familiar with our extensions and have experience in technical documentation writing. In exchange we're offering licenses of our extensions. Please contact us if you're interested.
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