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  1. They can be integrated, however they are separate extensions.
  2. You may do that by editing footer module. Copyrights can be also turned off under template configuration, general options.
  3. Please create a support ticket, we'll check the issue.
  4. - New 360 panorama images - Support of the transparent PNG's and fixes in image library - Google maps address entering fix - Banners addon support - Breadcrumbs integration fix - Fixed language strings - Fixed jQuery console error causing conflicts - Fixed map marker path - Custom field date fix - Other small bug fixes and features
  5. Please provide more details about this feature on our email or create a support ticket: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/DOWNLIC We'll estimate time and cost of the custom development.
  6. com_osmembership.zip is not our package.
  7. Budget field is the total amount investor is willing to spent on the job. Hope it is clear now.
  8. When editing a listing, add an address, click outside the form and the map should position itself: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JO/Listings
  9. It means total price that user can spent to make the job done.
  10. It looks like the latitude and longitude are not correct, please double check them on Google Maps. Where exactly would you like to show image from category? Under JomOffers are not supported.
  11. Please make sure that all categories have respective menu links created: http://wiki.comdev.eu/display/JO/Menu+Items
  12. Hello, Joomla 4 is not yet out. When become stable all our extensions will be compatible.
  13. Please send us an email on support@comdev.eu so we can estimate time and cost.
  14. Currently not, can be however with the customization. Please contact us if you're interested. Thank you,
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