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  1. We should at least be able to view the same information about each listing that the listing owner can see. Also, it would be good to look at a category, and be able to filter this by address, and see which listings have had the most viewings, been saved the most, etc.
  2. Hi, Currently the reports available are very basic. The user is able to get more information than us as website owners. For example, they can see how many hits their listing has had, how many times it has been saved to favourites, etc. We currently can't break this down by listing or user. When having conversations with customers it puts us at a severe disadvantage. Please try to improve the reports available. Kind regards, Justin
  3. Hi, I have some larger customers who have multiple listings for hotels/venues in different areas. Unfortunately, the contact forms on each listing send to the default email address for the user account. My clients would like the contact form to send to the email address of each individual venue shown on the listings instead. Please add this functionality. Kind regards, Justin
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