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  1. Hello, How can i download ? Thank you. Also is there any way to change / add more categories when i want to search poi? E.g i want to remove hotel and put cafe . Thank you Charalambos
  2. I noticed also that wgen i try to add a new property the google map shows grey and the spot is dissappeared. If i save first then i am able to put location on map. Does anybody experience something similar ?
  3. It is a joomla 3.3.6 update problem The solution to the problem: https://github.com/Bakual/joomla-cms/commit/a6031d70790b2e304b3c8f8f767bd9b36c14ce0e
  4. When i go to a category with more than 15 properties pagination works ok for all pages except page 1. E.g if i go to page 2 and then i want to go back to page 1 then it does nothing. It just shows the same properties ? You can check on www.aristodemougroup.com on the menu resales and see the actual bug
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