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  1. Hi guys,


    Write a Review stop working in Mozzila and Chrome.


    waht happens is that the stars dont work, is not possible to choose any stars so an error message shows up: "You have to set rating."


    please advice!


    warm regards Kimberley

  2. Hi guys,
    i have change in my file templates/default/listing/grid.php
    to this below
    <select class="inputbox" onchange="this.form.submit()" name="limit">
    				<option value="16" <?if ($this->limit==16) echo "selected";?>>16</option>
    				<option value="32" <?if ($this->limit==32) echo "selected";?>>32</option>
    				<option value="64" <?if ($this->limit==64) echo "selected";?>>64</option>
    but on the site is shows as deafult 15 but when i change in dropdown to 16 listings per page then is ok.
    is wehen the page open first time then it shows 15. 
    how can i make the listing to show 16 as deafult?




  3. Hi guys,


    the component is great.


    just wonder if it is possible to remove the popup tip "free villas" on overall avilibilty calendar.


    The reason is that customers only need to see if free of the dates and no reason for any other info.

    when the popup apears they think the they can click on dates.


    Keep up with your fantastic component :)

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