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  1. It would be useful if an agent could reply to a review.


    Sometimes a guest can submit a negative review and the agent would have the opportunity to reply to that and give more explanations.

    Otherwise they cannot do anything while the users have "unlimited" power.


    Thanks for considering that!

  2. It would be nice to enhance the Front-End Admin adding detailed statistics as it's present in jomDirectory and jomEstate.


    The statistics should contain at least the following (for each listing):

    • number of visits
    • number of email for contacts
    • number of reviews
    • number of bookings

    It would be nice to have even yearly and monthly statistics.


    Furthermore, the front-end should show the list of the email for contacts, bookings and reviews with the possibility to manage them (e.g. reply to emails, print bookings, reply to reviews).



  3. Many agents are not willing to subscribe a paid membership not knowing if the advertisement on a website will produce a return of investments.

    Although they may try the free plan, sometimes this is not enough.


    One nice alternative would be to enable a charge on bookings.

    Agents may subscribe a membership plan (e.g. the free one) and they would pay only when someone would book one of their listing.

    A fee could be charged to the agent for each booking transaction and a cumulative invoice can be produced regularly (e.g. monthly).





  4. Membership plans offer a good variety of options and this is fine.

    However, sometimes agents would like to have "more" features for a listing only.

    For example, they subscribe a membership plan that doesn't allow Premium listings but then they realize that they would like to advertise one listing as Premium.


    Would be possible to have a feature that allow them to pay for "extra-services" only such as Premium, Enable Booking, Enter listings, etc.?




  5. We would like the administrator of jomholiday, has a record of e-mail contact that reach to advertisers.

    It would also be nice to have a report with the statistics of contacts (perhaps grouped by months) a owner have received.

    This report should be visibile to the user in the front-end admin and on the back-end to the administrators.

    This is fundamental in order to show to the owners that the site based on jomHoliday produces work for them.

    Thanks for considering that!

  6. It would be nice to have a "save as a copy" button enabled for listings.

    It is helpful both in the back-end and in the front-end because the administrator or the agent can easily copy an existing listing. Especially in a multilingual environment, the listings are the same for price/images/etc. It's only needed to change the description.



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