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  1. Hi! Thanks for mentioning these issues and sorry for the late reply. Please try this new package. Thanks! com_jomestate_it-IT-3303.zip
  2. Could be possible to have a menu item that filters by Business Type as it exists for Categories and Addresses? Thanks!
  3. It would be helpful to have the possibility to assign one listing to more than one category. Thanks!
  4. Hello, please find the updated files! com_jomholiday_it-IT-3303.zip
  5. Hello! Plase find the enclosed file. It should work properly. com_jomholiday_it-IT-2886.zip
  6. Hello! Enclosed you can find the translation package for comdev. It is an installation package so you can install it directly from Extension Manager. com_jomholiday_it-IT-2886.zip
  7. It would be nice to have the possibility to assign a listing to more than one category. Thanks for considering that!
  8. Italian package with installer. Please feel free to report any error. Thanks it_IT_jomestate.zip
  9. Here the files for Italian. Enjoy! it-IT.zip
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