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  1. In the Joomla 4 version it appears that the "Linked Articles" feature has been disabled in the item editor, although there is still a preference for enabling it in the Integrations tab in the Options. I did a template override for "edit.php" in the administrator template and enabled the hidden form control, but the controls don't work. If I add an entry to the ""*_cddir_connections" database table the linked articles will appear properly on the front end. Will that feature be restored soon? I'm designing a site and that could possibly be a useful feature.
  2. I want a map page that looks like your "Map Wide" demo: https://jomdirectory.comdev.eu/map-wide Which component and module to I use, and how should it be configured?
  3. Well I just discovered that JomDirectory requires users to make their own Administrator menus, unlike almost every other Joomla component. May I suggest you just make it part of the installation and let the user remove it if necessary?
  4. I just installed com_jomdirectory-6.0-371-J4.zip and com_jomcomdevJ4.zip on Joomla 4. It reports a successful install but there is no link in the admin menu, either at the top or under Components.
  5. So Joomla 4 is out. How soon will JomDirectory have a compatible version? I noticed the backend demo uses a very similar admin template.
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