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  1. Hello how to do restriction of delivery option based on Miles. One of the Store needs to have below delivery options 1.upto 1 mile it is free home delivery ( it need distance calculator) 2.upto 1-5 miles it is some amount 3.no delivery beyond 5 miles 4.collect from store this should get enable
  2. Currently many local business are on google and user do not want multiple addition. if any feature which can help to add those google businesses by user to jomdirectory and also if any updates are done that can reflect same on google business and jomdirectory. Like yelp google reviews are also helpful
  3. Channel manager feature request for gettting bookings from other sites
  4. Other payment methods for other countries checkout2, authorize, payu paypal has stopped its business in our country
  5. Hello It is must to have channel manager or any type of integration directly with api's like this , will help to get more business. https://e4jconnect.com thanks
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